University of Porto (Reitoria da Universidade do Porto)

University Colleges and Facilities
(Porto, Portugal)

The University of Porto has 14 faculties organised into different departments that offer various courses for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees.

Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture has some of the best professors in the country who are known and respected in the field of architecture in Portugal. It offers extensive undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers various fine arts programmes connected with international organizations such as the FBAUP and other countries outside the European Union such as Canada, Japan, USA, and Thailand. It holds fine arts exhibitions, travelling exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and international FBAUP in events.

Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Sciences is organized into different departments offering various courses and programmes for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education. It supports technological development and culture and renders services to the community as well.

Faculty of Sports

The Faculty of Sports was established in 1986. It offers a First Degree Course in Sports and Physical Education that includes Anatomy, Motor Learning, Sports Biology, Athleticism, Football, Sports Sociology, Sports Education, Volleyball, and Basketball.

Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences

The Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences offers degree programmes in Nourishment and Human Nutrition, Public Health and Epidemiology, Clinical Nutrition, Collective Catering, Bromatology, Food Technology, Food Quality, and Toxicology and Policy, among others.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers an undergraduate, master's, and doctorate degree in Criminology. It has various contracts and agreements with private and cooperative, and national and foreign entities for the development of its programme that applies to different cultures and countries.

Faculty of Economy

The Faculty of Economy was created in 1953. It offers various programmes on enterprise and economy. It presently has over 3,000 students in the undergraduate degree programmes and more than a hundred students in the master's degree.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering was formed on 21 July 1885. It initially offered courses in mining, civil and industrial engineering, and some courses in commerce that can all be finished in six years--four for the preliminary studies and two for specialization. The faculty also prepares students who want to go to army, naval, medical and pharmacy schools later on.

Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers a degree programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences with courses including Bromatology, Pharmacy Technology, Toxicology, and Microbiology.

Faculty of Letters

The Faculty of Letters was founded by Leonardo Coimbra. It is located in Pole 3, where it offers a magnificent view of the River Duoro and the city.

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine was one of the first schools in the university. Presently, it has 10 in-house professors, seven part-time professors, 12 first-assistant professors, and 16 second-assistant professors.

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences was decreed in 15 May 1976. It offers degree programmes in Psychology and Education Science.

Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences was created in August 1975. It was conceived as a multiprofessional and a multidisciplinary school aiming to provide high standards of education in Medicine and in other professions in the area of Life Sciences, and contribute to the development of the country. The degreee programmes it offers include Anatomy, Molecular Biology, Behavioural Sciences, Veterinary Clinics, Medical Pre-Graduate Teaching Department, Population Studies, and Imuno-Physiology and Pharmacology.

Porto University

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